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Become an Air hostess: A Hands-on Diploma Course

Gain the skill and knowledge with air hostess diploma course

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Do you want to travel the world, network, and meet new people for a living? Do you often imagine traveling to new places and learning about other cultures? Are you a people person as well? You’ve come to the perfect place if you happen to have a strong appetite for travel and desire a career that allows you to live your dreams while earning a good living. With the Air Hostess diploma course, your career can reach new heights.

What Does an Air Hostess Do?

An Air Hostess is in charge of a number of duties during takeoff and landing. Below is a list of responsibilities of an Air Hostess –

  • An air hostess’ main duty is to ensure that everyone on board is secure, safe, and comfortable. Air Hostesses go over a number of safety protocols before takeoff.
  • The air hostesses are required to brief the passengers on the tentative descent and deplaning process. Air hostesses maintain the passengers’ seating positions throughout takeoff and landing.
  • Air Hostesses are responsible for evaluating and confirming the functioning of all safety equipment in addition to their other pre-flight responsibilities. Air Hostesses conduct a thorough inspection as passengers deplane to ensure that no pricey items are left behind.

Diploma Air Hostess Training Scope & Job

Air hostesses have promising job possibilities because there is a rising need for individuals who can serve as flight crew for various airlines. An air hostess can apply for a number of domestic and foreign airlines depending on her skill set and past employment history.

To succeed as an air hostess, one requires a charming attitude and a quality education. The field has a broad reach and is expected to grow gradually over time. The airline sector is booming as a result of new airlines entering the market and large investments.

  • Ground staff agent
  • Cabin Crew – Air Hostess
  • Sales Representative
  • Cargo Management
  • Airline Ticket Agent
  • Ramp Planner
  • Airport Manager

What Do You Learn in a Diploma Course?

The Diploma Air Hostess and Cabin Crew course aims to develop professionals. Following are some skills that a student can learn in a year:

  • The best way to serve food to passengers.
  • Method for providing first aid.
  • Carrying out security and safety assessments.
  • How to Announce Anything to Passengers.
  • Welcome to the passengers.
  • Writing a thorough flight report.
  • Guiding the passengers through the safety measures.

Why Choose Our Diploma Course?

A diploma in air hostess training from the Airborne Air Hostess Academy will set you apart from the competitors. This kind of work involves a lot of both physical and mental labor. You’ll get knowledge about how to handle various circumstances.

In the classes, theory and hands-on instruction are frequently blended. With the help of this training approach, you will be prepared for the real world. With a diploma, you’ll be qualified for a range of positions in the aviation sector.

The requirements for an air hostess are crucial when picking an airline. Based on their credentials and expertise, airlines choose air hostesses. They typically interview individuals who have finished diploma degrees linked to the industry and conduct are written exams.

You will be ready for the job market and the competition in the sector if you have an air hostess training credential. If you have strong enthusiasm for flying, an aviation degree may be just what you need. If you choose to get an airborne air hostess academy certificate that has been authorised by the NCT, you can take advantage of a number of significant advantages.

You should enroll in an air hostess training course at the airborne Airhostess Academy because:

  • We have experts in the field who can provide you with training.
  • We provide training and internships.
  • We provide ongoing support for job placement.


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