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Understanding Air Hostess Training Fees | A Comprehensive Guide

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Would you like to see the world and meet new people? Do you want to pursue a career that lets you travel the world? Want to travel but cannot locate a course that will allow you to experience the world from your perspective? We are here to help you find a career that provides excellent prospects and points you toward a fulfilling career. Find everything about the course and Air Hostess Training Fees below.

Who Are Air Hostesses?

Air Hostesses, Flight Attendants or Cabin crew are the perfect career choice. They are involved in providing excellent services to aircraft passengers and supplying assistance in in-flight administration. 

Air Hostesses are in charge of everything related to flying, including providing meals, monitoring inventory levels before take-off and landing, ensuring passenger safety, and managing the general operations of the aircraft cabin.

How To Become An Air Hostess?

The air hostess course offers several opportunities in the aviation industry and management sectors. After finishing their upper secondary school, women and men who desire to work as Air Hostesses or airline cabin crew members can register directly for Air Hostess courses. Applicants can follow a diploma or certificate programme after the 12th class to get all the vital industry-related skills, including communication, leadership, and personality development.

Air Hostess Career Opportunities

As there is a growing need for professionals who can work as flight crew for various airlines and serve the public, air hostesses have strong career prospects. Depending on her skill set and prior work experience, an air hostess can apply for various domestic and international airlines. One needs a charming attitude and the proper training to succeed as an air hostess. 

The sector has a vast scope and is anticipated to expand steadily as time goes on. The airline sector is flourishing with new carriers and significant investments. When you start working with airlines, your first few months will be on probation or a training period. After the training, you will be employed as an Air Hostess, Flight Attendant, or Cabin Crew.

The prospects of various airlines differ. After working for a few years, an Air Hostess, Flight Attendant, or Cabin Crew member of a domestic airline is promoted to Senior Cabin Crew. You will be encouraged to Director of Cabin Services or Director of In-Flight Services, which is the highest rank, after serving as a Senior Cabin Crew member for over ten years.

You work as a Flight Attendant/ Flight Purser in the early stage with international airlines. You can advance to the Senior Purser/Chief Flight Attendant position after collecting years of experience as a Flights Purser.

Air Hostess Course Fees

Air hostess is one of the best career options after passing the 12th exam. Throughout the past two decades, there has been significant growth in the number of people applying for admission to air hostess courses.

The air hostess courses can range from 3 months to 1 year. Depending on the institution and the kind of course, it could change. The Air Hostess Training Fees range from INR 45,000 to INR 1,75,000. There are many benefits of an air hostess course, such as – 

  • Many airlines in the country and abroad offer numerous advantages for their cabin crew, such as retirement benefits, reduced flight ticket prices,12-16 days off in a month, medical allowances, life insurance and much more. 
  • The profession also allows cabin crew members to interact with several people every day, which helps with their personal growth.

Salary Structure of Air Hostess

If you’re working with a domestic airline in the future, you should expect a starting salary ranging between ₹30,000-40,000 per month. And this number can increase depending on your work experience. In an international airline, you can expect around ₹1,00,000 – 1,20,000 per month as a starting salary. The pay may increase in domestic and foreign airlines, depending on future job postings.
The aviation industry is expanding at a fast rate, and one can find multiple different career opportunities in both domestic as well as international airlines. If you want to join this industry, you can pursue the best diploma courses at Airborne Airhostess Academy.


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