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(12 Months, Regular Diploma, International Standard)

100% Job Guarantee

We proudly claim to have driven winners with our guaranteed job placement. We have placed thousands of students in the last 18 years. Our internship training model also helps our students to attain better placement results in future.

Authorized Training Centers

We are accredited partners of LAPT, NSDC and Skill India. Our institute is Skill India and NSDC authorized training centre. Our professionally designed courses help you to get any job you want.


Our motto is to provide the best of education to anybody, anywhere using technology that drives the future. So, no matter where you are, you can avail our courses at a click of a button.

Course Overview

Airborne Airhostess Academy is Delhi’s number 1. for many reasons. With our motto of providing quality education through technology that drives the future, we enable every single aspirant of the service industry from hotel management to cabin crew, to live their dreams and live them large

Our one year diploma course in Retail management shapes you to take on the industry of the retail sector and further your career as a Store Manager, Retail manager, Sales Manager, etc. This course provides you the knowledge of project management, budgeting, and inventory management so you can facilitate your future team in actualizing sales goals and executing strategic merchandising strategies. Our 100% guaranteed placement service brings the best of the best companies to you so you can scale new heights with the job of your dream.

How do we make you suitable for this career?

  • Our team of professors are all industry professionals who will provide you guidance every step of the way so you can learn from the best.
  • We help you develop conceptual skills that require you to ace the retail management sector.
  • Our on field training service equips you with the ability to effectively manage large scale operations, mass inventory and multiple functional activities.
  • Our extensive syllabus covers marketing concepts, strategies, research, and distribution principles for retail.
  • Our classrooms have audio visual aids that equip you with the knowledge of fast paced technology in this fast paced industry.
  • Students learn from the ground up how a business is run, and giving them principles they can later apply to their own business projects.
  • The coursework focuses on business regulation, ownership philosophies, and structures that can be applied to create well-managed businesses.

How does the diploma help?

  • After passing the course they can go for further higher degrees for enhancing their job profile and educational qualification.
  • They can have a job in the private sectors such as store manager, retail manager, sales manager, retail account manager, retail banking officer, sales executive, customer service, sales associate, etc.

Why should you choose us?

  • Affordable training equipped with the latest technology as well as online courses with LAPT and NSDC authorised training services.
  • 100% job placement guarantee for every Airborne’s student after successful completion of one-year diploma in Retail Management.
  • Initiating consultative learning practices to help them inculcate and apply the knowledge.
  • Placements in prominent companies like Lufthansa, Air India, Qatar Airways, Hyatt, Taj, DElhi Duty Free, ZARA, Tanishq, Hamleys, H&M, Westside and many more!
  • We have capability to train 250 students every year, as well as learning facilities are sufficient to each of the individuals personally.
  • We grow knowledge, behaviour, mannerism, communication skills and the most striking part is attitude, our professional faculties put in each of the students who come at us with desire of being something distinct in their life.

Job Opportunities

Cabin Crew

Cabin Crew

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Airport Operations

Airport Operations

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Ground Services at Airport

Ground Services at Airport

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Airport Check-in Staff

Airport Check-in Staff

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Backend Reservation Staff with Airlines

Backend Reservation Staff with Airlines

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Travel Expert

Travel Expert

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the scope of retail management?

Many foreign retail industries are expanding in Indian market and you may get the opportunity to work with them. Graduates can start careers in client communication, merchandise shipment, sales, supervisory, management & administrative services.

What are the Job Opportunities in Retail Management?

The Job opportunities are available in this field such as departmental stores, supply chains, advertising agencies, supermarkets, etc. this field involves direct communication with the customer & coordinating the business activities.

Who should choose a career in Retail Management?

Retail management is the right career for those having the interest in merchandise, market & marketing, advertising, sales, campaigning and market research.

What is the eligibility criteria for Retail Management Diploma Course?

Anyone passing 10+2 and in the age range between 17-27 is eligible to apply for Airborne’s Retail Management one year diploma course.

What is the average annual salary of a Retail Marketer?

When you’re working as a store manager your average annual salary can be INR 4,21,000 whereas a retail account manager can earn up to INR 9,60,000.

What is the benefit of joining Airborne for Retail Management?

We guarantee 100% placement in both national as well as international companies. We have the top industry professionals providing guidance and teaching. Our classrooms go beyond 4 walls aided with the latest audio visual technology.

What skills are needed for Retail Management?

Good on ground communication skills, problem solving, research, budgeting, sales, adaptability are the main skills that Airborne’s Retail Management Diploma Course instils in its students so they can be the best in their field

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