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Aviation, Hospitality, Retail, Travel & Tourism Management


17 to 26 years


INR 1,15,000/-




Five days a week (Monday-Friday)

International Standard
(12 Months, Regular Diploma CRS Certification)

100% Job Guarantee

We proudly claim to have driven winners with our guaranteed job placement. We have placed thousands of students in the last 18 years. Our internship training model also helps our students to attain better placement results in future.

Authorized Training Centers

We are accredited partners of LAPT, NSDC and Skill India. Our institute is Skill India and NSDC authorized training centre. Our professionally designed courses help you to get any job you want.


Our motto is to provide the best of education to anybody, anywhere using technology that drives the future. So, no matter where you are, you can avail our courses at a click of a button.

Course Overview

Airborne Airhostess Academy is Delhi’s number 1. for many reasons. With our motto of providing quality education through technology that drives the future, we enable every single aspiring air hostess, flight pursuer to live their dreams and live them large. We are known for providing CRS Certification of International Standards to prepare our students for tomorrow’s professionals.

Our one year diploma course in Aviation, Hospitality, Retail and Travel & Tourism Management is what every service aspirant needs to be able to be equipped with the steadfast and adaptive industry knowledge. Avail our LAPT and NSDC authorised training services combined with classrooms equipped with latest audio visual technology for hands on experience so you never fall short in any area of expertise. What’s more is with our prominent list of partners, we guarantee 100% job placements as well so you leave our institution spreading your wings.

How do we make you suitable for this career?

  • Get the industry based knowledge of four service based career-oriented industries: Aviation, Hospitality, Retail and Travel & Tourism Management
  • Be the best in your field of aviation with professional knowledge including that of aircraft operations, in-flight services and passenger & baggage handling
  • Develop the customer service based knowledge for Hotel Management
  • Understand how the retail system works and be equipped with spontaneous thinking approach
  • Get in depth knowledge of the cultural and geographical in and out for travel and tourism management.
  • We sharpen your soft skills for on ground communications
  • We enable you to adapt to any changes that may come your way with our intensive training and grooming etiquette practices
  • Get 100% job placements as guaranteed by us in a number of prominent companies both national as well as international
  • Get great career opportunities at domestic and international airports and various airlines

How does the diploma help?

  • After passing the course they can go for further higher degrees for enhancing their job profile and educational qualification.
  • They can have a job in the private sectors such as airlines and hotels, tour operators, travel agencies, visa offices, retail, transport and cargo companies and of the like.

Why should you choose us?

  • Affordable training equipped with the latest technology as well as online courses.
  • 100% job placement guarantee for every Airborne’s student after successful completion of one-year diploma in aviation.
  • Initiating consultative learning practices to help them inculcate and apply the knowledge.
  • Placements in prominent companies like Lufthansa, Air India, Qatar Airways, Hyatt, Taj and many more!
  • We have capability to train 250 students every year, as well as learning facilities are sufficient to each of the individuals personally.
  • We grow knowledge, behaviour, mannerism, communication skills and the most striking part is attitude, our professional faculties put in each of the students who come at us with desire of being something distinct in their life.

Job Opportunities

Cabin Crew

Cabin Crew

Know More..

Airport Operations

Airport Operations

Know More..

Ground Services at Airport

Ground Services at Airport

Know More..

Airport Check-in Staff

Airport Check-in Staff

Know More..

Backend Reservation Staff with Airlines

Backend Reservation Staff with Airlines

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Travel Expert

Travel Expert

Know More..

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the benefit of learning about Hospitality, Retail and Travel when I want to join Airlines only?

One of the most basic requirements to be an air hostess/cabin crew is to have a diploma in hospitality or other service industry based courses, which is why we offer you a 4 course career oriented diploma.

Who should choose the Aviation, Hospitality, Retail and Travel & Tourism Management career?

Anyone who is looking to make a career in Aviation, Hospitality, Retail and Travel & Tourism and soar high in the service industry can avail our courses.

As airlines recruits freshers too so what is the use of attaining the Aviation, Hospitality, Retail, Travel & Tourism Management diploma course?

This diploma course equips you with professional knowledge and hands on experience. So if you’re looking to attain the position of your managers, this CRS certified course is for you.

Do you actually offer job placement after completion of course?

We take pride in placing thousands of our students in companies like Jet Airways, Indigo Airways, Spice Jet, Qatar Airways and so many more. Just read our testimonials section to know for yourself.

What are the basic requirements for air hostess / cabin crew?

Mastery in spoken English and Hindi languages as required with a 10+2 minimum qualification, degree in hospitality or other graduate are the most basic requirements.

Can I start my own travel company after completing this course?

Most definitely! This diploma course gives you an all-around knowledge of the travel and tourism industry right from the demographic as well as cultural prospects. All that you need to set up your own business.

Benefits of Aviation, Hospitality, Retail and Travel & Tourism Management career?

Studying and skill development is a constant thing in this career, especially if you’re angling for promotions. With the service industry being the fastest growing one, you can in only 10 years get your promotions with the remuneration being high even when you’ve just started.

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