Retail Management

Retail Management

International Standard (1 Year, Regular Diploma)


between 17 to 27 years


INR 95,000/- + Taxes




Five days a week , Monday to Friday

Airborne’s air hostess diploma course in retail management facilitates standard qualification and state-of-the-art training practices to help students build a rewarding career in this industry. With its rich legacy in conducting air hostess training courses, Airborne Air Hostess Academy has precisely picked diverse diploma courses providing enormous employment opportunities for our students. In fact, in recent times, the Indian retail sector has witnessed a complete transformation, increasing demands of adopting an exclusive approach for advance retailing. It’s among the foremost reasons why Airborne Air Hostess Academy always endeavours to conduct live training sessions to help student’s experience the real work environment.
We provide specialized diploma course in retail management covering different segments that are essential to penetrate the industry. Airborne’s retail management diploma focuses on covering fundamentals of retailing, retail options, retail design & merchandising, different structures of the retail industry, contours of Indian retail market, persona enhancement and many more. At Airborne Air Hostess Academy, we share state-of-the-art infrastructural facilities to stimulate world-class training experience assuring 100% Job Guarantee.

How Is Diploma In Retail Management Beneficial?

Airborne focuses on providing well-trained professionals to the retail industry meeting international standards. Our air hostess training courses are designed to ignite minds of interested aspirants by shaping their attitude, aptitude, and knowledge in the right direction. After successful completion of air hostess diploma training in retail management, students become capable of building a rewarding career in the service industry.

Diploma in Retail Management Suitability

This industry demands skilled, well-trained and confident personnel to encounter tasks of good’s selling, marketing, and distribution. Being one of the leading air hostess training institutes in Delhi, we provide one-year diploma course in retail management to help students got placements in the renowned retail brands.


Fundamentals of Retailing
  • Introduction to Retailing
  • The Vertical Marketing System
  • The Retail Industry – Its Contribution to the Economy
  • A Global Viewpoint
Structure Of Retail History
  • Retail Industry Structure and Trends
  • High Provision and Market Saturation
  • Concentration Aspects of Retailing
  • Diversity of Retailing
  • Adoption of New Technology
Persona Enhancement
  • Grooming and Deportment by Experts
  • Communication Skills Improvement
  • Personality Development
  • Interview handling skills
Contours of Indian Retail Market
  • Introduction
  • Benefits of Organized Retail
  • Organized Retailing in India
  • Challenges to Organized Retail Industry
Retail Options
  • Fundamentals of Retail Operations
  • Electronic Retail Operations
  • Retail Automation
  • Supply Chain Management in Retailing
  • Retail Franchising
Competitive Environment of Retailing
  • Determinants Of Retail Competition
  • Competition Framework Of Retailing
  • Retail Customer Behaviour
  • Future Dimensions Of Retailing
Retail Design & Merchandising
  • Retail Merchandising
  • Retail Design And Visual Merchandising
  • Merchandising With Planograms
  • Markups And Markdowns In Merchandising
Retail Organizations and Formats
  • Introduction
  • Retail Ownership
  • The Independent Retailer
  • The Multiple Retailers
  • Voluntary Retail Group
  • The Retail Conglomerate
  • Franchisees in Retailing
  • Co-Operative Retailers
  • Retail Formats
  • Non-Store Format

Admission Opens For Session 2020 – 2021

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